Resene Supreme Award
Monkey Hill

Resene National
Design Awards 2008

Noel Jessop is a Hamilton based architectural designer recognised not only in the Waikato, but also in the national architectural scene. His understanding of creative design and ability to conceptualise an idea using the best use of space and light makes Noel not only one of the best in New Zealand, but also one of the best in the business for home and building architecture.

"Noel Jessop's work clearly indicates an attention to detail and understanding of proportion, mass and light that creates buildings that are balanced and clearly understood. His honest use of materials and consideration for natural light are compelling to me. Contemporary NZ Architecture is advancing on all fronts throughout the country and his works I believe were excellent examples of this."

Phillip H Matz ( B.arch ) Judge at the 2003 National ADNZ Design Awards