Floating Boxes

Two timber pavilions hover in an orchard. Glazed recesses admit light & vistas to a refined interior.

  • Residential
  • 245m²
  • 9 Images


2016 ADNZ Architectural Design Awards
National Finalist for ‘Floating Boxes’
Residential New Home (150m² – 300m²)

The two rooms of the “Floating Boxes” house appear to hover half a meter off the lawn almost stopping traffic.

The masterful angling walls and the use of recesses create eaves that continue around the house. To the North the glass walls on slightly different angles meet to create a long narrow triangular eave opening to a sunny deck. The effect is subtly simple – space is sculptured in origami-like folds.

The cleverly angled geometry of the house is set up by separating the house into 2 wings – a living space and the other for sleeping. Separation is achieved by a glass-sided hallway which creates a courtyard space between the two wings.

The eastern side of the house ‘ floats’ over the topography of the land. The feeling is one of being on an elevated balcony, extending out to meet the view.