Wood Residence
Ember Restaurant
Johnston Residence
The Bunker House
Durham Residence
House No.3
Black on White
Floating Boxes

Noel Jessop Architecture is a boutique architectural practice, passionate about designing modern, contemporary architecture for the residential and commercial sectors.

Our studio is a space of quiet achievement. We spend time listening before we create positive environmental change to enrich the lives of our clients. We are passionate about what we do, and have had our work recognised numerous times over the past 17 years.


We ultimately create what feels right to us. It’s about displaying integrity, which resonates with our clients who trust us to deliver on our promises. Our purpose is to integrate our thinking with our customers’ so that we produce a final product that makes everyone proud. We believe that bigger is rarely better; it’s more about thinking clearly about the space you occupy and how that can assist with transformative experiences.


We consider every little detail, which is as important to us as the overall design concept and end result. Bringing something fresh to the table, along with quality craftsmanship and the ability to make a positive impact on people’s lives, is the reason we excel at what we do.


  • This is a relentless pursuit of a set of ideas. There are variations on this theme which play out in the differing spaces branching from the spine of the gallery.

    2016 ADNZ Architectural Design Awards

  • There’s a consistent approach to designing, which I think is very admirable and very disciplined. Overall, there is a sort of formalism, which is why I would say they are both attractive, compelling, very smart buildings. Jessop paid a lot of attention to fine detail, and showed a good relationship between the buildings and their environments.

    2016 ADNZ Architectural Design Awards

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